Le nozze di Figaro

    W.A. Mozart
    Boston Lyric Opera, April 2017
    Conductor: David Angus
    Stage Director: Rosetta Cucchi


    “…The story has threads of bawdiness that stage director Cucchi intertwines smartly, sidestepping gross sexism for a story of triumph over the ego of the philandering Count. “ THE NEW ENGLAND THEATRE GEEK

    “…I absolutely hated the stage direction and after the 1st act I recognized the brilliance of her direction by osmosis. All I can say about her direction is I was completely wrong and as the opera continued I strangely had the aha moment where her direction becomes accessible and purposeful. She is without any doubt a genius who can in time demystify her intention with the Marriage of Figaro. Singing by all was magnificent and heart rendering. Musical director and orchestra superb. But beyond any doubt the set and direction was progressive and inspiringly sublime. This is from an opera traditionalist who taste and mind was opened just enough to enjoy someone elses brilliant stage perspective” RICHARD RILEY

    “… inspiration for this staging, Director Rosetta Cucchi chose Sabrina.  The 1954 Hollywood film starring Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, and William Holden is an apt comparison.  Sabrina presents as close a connection to the class struggles of pre-French Revolution era Europe as can be found in American pop culture. THE THEATRE TIMES